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The Firm's Vision

In 2007, Attorney Bell chose to open a "Boutique Firm" to escape the bureaucracy so often associated with mid-size and large law firms.


Some advantages of a local "Boutique" practice are as follows:


  • Small firms are staffed with highly skilled attorneys (Clients are not shuffled to inexperienced associates)

  • Small firms have solid business relationships with local professionals from whom clients may benefit.

  • The fees in small firms are typically lower than large and mid-size firms.

  • The owner of a small firm is in-house and accessible to Clients.

  • Small firms have a high level of client responsiveness.

  • Small firms are not distracted by a constant change of hands in its structure.

  • Small firms have less employee turnover which results in an implicit understanding of client needs.

Since legal issues contain many variables, The Bell Firm's President, Shawn K. Bell, is always on-site to meet with his Clients and to assess their legal needs. The Firm is dedicated to providing the in-depth expertise and individualized service that only a boutique law firm like The Bell Firm, P.A. can provide. As a small law firm, we value all of our Clients, large and small.


With years of experience, The Bell Firm has developed solid business relationships with local accountants, insurance agents, financial planners, financial institutions, and other professionals from whom Clients may benefit.

We are committed to providing prompt attention to our Clients and to developing our professional relationships so that we can better understand a Client's needs now and into the future. Our philosophy is to provide "hands on" legal services and to service our Clients better than anyone else.

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